10 Aug 2019

‘Cable Girls’ Season 4: Here’s Everything We Know So Far
Netflix’s ‘Cable Girls’ have become one of the most successful Spanish dramas on the platform and now, with 3 seasons in, fans are wondering if a fourth is on the way.

Las Chicas Del Cable “Cable Girls” Season 4 Episode 1 Chapter 25: Equality – Those who loved season one to three of ‘Cable Girls’ on Netflix, will be happy to know that the show is getting its fourth part! The show is a Spanish-langue period drama called “Las Chicas del Cable” which means ‘Cable Girls’ after translation. The fact that the streaming giant has been giving birth to a vast line of foreign titles to new audiences to the world, expecting the fourth season of ‘Cable Girls’ is not too much of asking. This isn’t the first time the streaming service has tried its hands on Spanish titles, it has released some super Spanish titles over the past few years and ‘Cable Girls’ is one of the most successful ones among those.

This show is managed and created wholly by Netflix and comes under the Netflix Original banner in Spain. The first two seasons were released in 2017 and the third one released in September 2018. The story of this show revolves around women who lived in the time of 1920s in Madrid and were doing their job as Cable Girls. Now, fans want to know will they be seeing their story for the fourth time or not. Let’s find out.

What Is ‘Cable Girls’ All About?
The official synopsis reads: “The series is set to begin in Madrid during 1928. The national telephone company opens its headquarters in the city center and hundreds of girls queue up to get a job as a “cable girl” in the only place that represents progress and modernity for women at the time. Four girls, coming from very different backgrounds, will start work as operators. From that day on, jealousy, envy and betrayal will get mixed up with the hunger for success, friendship, and love.”

Will There Be A Season 4 Of ‘Cable Girls’?
For those who are doubting, here is the thing- the renewal for the fourth season of ‘Cable Girls’ was announced on September 12, 2018, which was just a week after season 3 dropped on Netflix. The fourth installment was also talked about by Nadia de Santiago, who plays the role of Marga. She said, “We have one more season, the fourth one, and for the moment we have been two years, and we have just finished the third one now”. That suggests that not only will there be a season 4 but that it’ll conclude the story.

The development was indeed very fast for people to actually believe it. Blanca Suarez says: “Are you serious? So quickly?” and Nadia de Santiago responds: “Superserious. There’s a fourth season!” However, no such date is confirmed yet for its release. Looking at the time span of former seasons, season 1 premiered in April 2017 and was followed by a second one in December, the same year. The third season was then dropped after a gap of nine months and was dropped on Netflix on September 7. Therefore, looking at that, we can expect the fourth installment to release by the end of 2019.

Who All Will Be In ‘Cable Girls’ Season 4?

It is believed that for the fourth installment, the main cast members will surely return. Starting with the main lead, the four women are Lidia, played by Blanca Suárez, Carlota, played by Ana Fernández, Angeles, played by Maggie Civantos and Marga, played by Nadia de Santiago.

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