16 Apr 2019

Watch Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 18 Online Free – Overview: A demon outbreak in New York City on Halloween becomes a top priority at the Institute, but as the Shadowhunters hunt the demons, Jace becomes more worried about Clary. Meanwhile, Alec has to juggle the outbreak with his deep concern about Magnus depression.

Title : Shadowhunters
Season : 3
Episodes : 18
Episodes Title : The Beast Within
Genre : Action & Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Air Date : 2019-04-15
Watch this link! : http://bit.ly/2GdXMbw

Shadowhunters Throws ‘Malec’ Its Most Devastating Curveball Yet – It was all tricks and no treats on Monday as Shadowhunters‘ ill-timed Halloween episode culminated in a moment fans have feared for weeks. Desperate to pull Magnus out of his mundane funk, Alec turned to Asmodeus, who agreed to return his son’s powers… under one minor condition: Alec had to end their relationship.
“You are the source of all his pain,” Asmodeus said. “You will be the death of him. … Break his heart to save his life.” Oh, and then he threw one more little stipulation into the mix: If Alec told Magnus why he was breaking up with him, the deal would be off. (Damn, who are Asmodeus’ lawyers, anyway?)

It killed him to do it, but Alec eventually agreed to Asmodeus’ terms, delivering the devastating news — with a few details omitted, of course — to his boyfriend at home. Not that we want to relive this painful moment, but here’s the couple’s heartbreaking exchange:

Alec: There is no fixing this. You said there’s nothing I can do to make it better.
Magnus: It’s not your job to make it better.
Alec: Then what am I supposed to do, just stand by and watch you suffer for the rest of our lives?
Magnus: This isn’t you. You’re not this selfish. Days ago, you said you couldn’t bear to lose me.
Alec: Days ago, I didn’t know the spark inside of you — the one I fell in love with — was out for good.
Magnus: Please. I’ve lost everything — my home, my job, my powers. I can’t lose you too, Alec. OK?
[They kiss… possibly for the last time.]
Alec: I’m sorry, I can’t.

And it seems that Magnus’ father is a man of his word, as the episode ended with Asmodeus crossing back into the land of the living to deliver his son’s powers personally. Gulp.

Other highlights from Monday’s episode…

* Simon’s sister flew up from Florida to visit him for Halloween, and while she was bummed to hear that he and Maia are no longer together, she very quickly picked up on the vibes between her brother and Izzy. Empowered by his sister’s words, Simon finally acted on his feelings — only to have the situation interrupted by an attack at the Institute. (Why do bad guys always have such terrible timing?!)

* While Izzy was busy preparing a more powerful heavenly fire serum to break the bond between Clary and Jonathan, the Seelie Queen commanded her faerie assassin to sneak into the Institute and pierce Jonathan’s heart. But after tapping into the darkest reaches of her mind, Jonathan was rescued by Clary, who vowed to protect her brother at any cost. Another gulp.

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